The Crash & Burn Movie Podcast Episode 8

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The Crash & Burn Movie Podcast Episode 8 - A.K.A. 2012 - The End of the World, And If That Isn't Bad Enough, We're Also Being Attacked By Giant Mutant Wasps, And Angry Whippets In Fur Coats!

Okay folks, if you believe the hype, this weekend could actually be the end of it all. So what better choice for a themed selection for this episode than six movies giving a very different take on how it's all going end. Jim and Jon tackle nuclear Armageddon, the Earth spiralling of its axis into the Sun, the breakdown of society and the end of days by supernatural means, plus much more in this candid look at the end of the human race as we know it.

Plus, we go 1950's B-Movie-tastic, where seemingly our biggest fear was little animals mutating in scientifically unlikely ways and attacking us! We've got two such examples that you can't affrod to miss.

Enjoy the show, and if this really is the end, we'll see yah'll on the other side!